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Mosaic Monday – Facebook Done Well!

ShoesA good friend of mine forwarded a blog post from Portlands Finest Advertising Blog about a local shoe store using Facebook well!  How are you using your Facebook biz page?

When a patron enters this shoe store and makes a purchase, the owner encourages that customer to take a picture of their new shoes!!  Assuming that the largest percentage of patrons are woman….and woman love to share things they love….pictures abound!  He then encourages the client to post that picture on their Facebook personal page!  Which, of course, they do!

One wish we hear from clients is ” How can I make something we post go viral!”.  Encouraging woman to share a photo of them fashioning their new shoes has that ability!  Even if the virility is contained within the 200-500 friends on Facebook.  It is most certainly a win for the shoe store.

Now if they really want to step up their game, they should encourage the customer to “Pin” the picture!  After all, Pinterest is all about virility and is consumed by woman!

Tell us what you do on your Facebook page to gain “likes”?


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