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Oreo Turns 100!! Mosaic Monday!

That’s right!  The little crunchy chocolate cookie with the cream filling I grew up with is a century old.  

To celebrate Oreo is turning to Facebook as part of their fun!  It’s a great way to promote, advertising and interact with fans and potential fans.  With over 23 million fans/likes…it’s gonna be a festive year.  Each day they are choosing a “Birthday of the Day” follower to highlight!  That persons picture is posted on the actual profile pic.  You can also send a friend a special message with “Say it with an Oreo” app, find recipes, see commercials and take a peek at the Moments gallery!

I love the free, whimsical aspect to this promotion which will no doubt win them more followers.  With multiple types of Oreos to choose from, I must say my personal favorite…DOUBLE STUF!  Almost impossible to keep them in the house!  And yes, I do like to take them apart and eat them.  Do you and which is your favorite?

English: Double Stuf Oreos, by Nabisco.

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