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Mosaic Monday – Dragon Dictation

Mosaic Monday wants you to know what GOOD creative is in marketing!  This week we are cheering a software that started off as an app!  Dragon Dictation by Nuance is a hands free way of typing and texting!  I’ve had the app and it works great!  The software makes writing letters, short stories or that novel you’ve always wanted to finish easy.  Forge created the campaign.  There are 3 new TV commercials out there so check out the links below and see commercials done well.

Do you have this app?


Dragon Dictation – Pirate!

Dragon Dictation – Romance! (my favorite!)

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  • Steve Gaines

    Both commercials are pretty strong. I have occasional issues with it recognizing my words on the phone app. But I’m guessing that with a mic on a full computer it works pretty well. Good stuff!

    • FoodsOfAllNations

      Maybe this is your way of simplifying your wonderful words into print! Write that book….

    • Anonymous

      This software would allow you to put your beautiful words into print easily! Write that book!