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Sex sells, but at what cost?

Buzzfeed did something brilliant.   “If Women’s Roles in Ads Were Played By Men,” They did a gender reversal on 3 national TV commercials to show how ridiculous men would appear doing the things they have woman doing.  Query, if it’s ridiculous for men, why isn’t it for woman?? The advertisers are GoDaddy, Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. and […]

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Curious about opinions of Content Marketing?  “What Anchorman 2 taught us about content marketing.”   Can Social Media be responsible for a rise in eating disorders?  “Social Media Blamed for Rise in Eating Disorders” While enjoying a little time on line, do you feel hijacked?  “Do consumers really like when advertisers hijack their screens?” Grab […]

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I’ve been hearing the buzz about this commercial.  I haven’t sought it out but as luck would have it I was exposed to it last night while enjoying a drink at my favorite watering hole. I was not able to hear the audio so my exposure was simply visual.  I doubt interjecting the audio would […]

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I must admit….the Motorola “Lazy phone” is by far my favorite.  But then again….I love humor in advertisements.  Which ones is yours?   Watch them all….click here! Related articles Smartphone Ads Infiltrate YouTube, Led by Moto X’s Lazy Phone ‘Lazyphone’ Is a a Youtube Hit!

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This is frickin’ adorable!  Oreo certainly know their demographic and the way to reach them….with emotion!  Just a quick review this week. PERFECT!! Related articles How To Make Oreo Cheesecake Bars Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Nutella Brownie Bites

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Love it, hate it or find it walking a bit too close to the line of decorum…..the “Ship My Pants” campaign by Kmart was hot.  Media talked about it, news stations publicized it…..and it was the topic of conversation around the water cooler!  An interesting fact, I personally had not be witness to the commercials but the individuals I spoke […]

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While browsing my Coastal Living magazine a few months ago, I came across this full page ad.  Definitely caught my eye…for a few reasons.  One, the simplicity of the image.  All too often business/clients forget the human brain has challenges retaining multiple messages or images.  Tell me one thing!  You then have a fighting chance […]

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Mosaic Monday – Wheat Thins….creepy?

Wheat Thins new “humorous” approach.  Is this unique? Yes.  Is it somewhat memorable? I guess.  Does it hit the target for reaching an audience?  I would say no.  Is it creepy???  You tell us! Related articles Healthier crackers put to the test

A good friend of mine forwarded a blog post from Portlands Finest Advertising Blog about a local shoe store using Facebook well!  How are you using your Facebook biz page? When a patron enters this shoe store and makes a purchase, the owner encourages that customer to take a picture of their new shoes!!  Assuming […]




Mosaic Monday – Mailbox App

A new email app is waiting for you Gmailers!  Mailbox is suppose to allow you to easily categorize your inbox to simplify reading that for some, can become an endless part of their day.   The Mailbox app is not active as of yet.  But you can download the app to be on the list! […]

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